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Open your window to the world and let everyone see you

Every day, people all over this planet, go online and connect to the Internet.

Think about how mind-boggling it is that 100’s of 1000’s of people can go to one “window” and see the same thing you are at the same moment you are and experience all that the world wide web (www) has to offer…together.

How cool is it that, we wake up everyday and create these spectacular visual portals for a living?  We are truly blessed!  Is that a breeze?  Someone must’ve opened a window to your business...

Promoting your business and opening that special window is not expensive. From as little as £299.00 We will open your window to the world.

Keeping you ahead, when everyone else is losing theirs.

At light speed the Internet-enabled economy changes daily which will impact on your business at the speed of a blink. So if you blink, you’re already behind your competition.

Let us help you keep ahead when everyone else is losing theirs, by allowing us to deliver high value web sites and solutions that help you stay in front of your competitors.

A new way to get noticed!

IXM is leading the way in forward thinking along with reducing your 'Carbon Foot Print' offering instant deliverable eBrochures by email.

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All eBrochures are hand coded from your PDF's.

Windows to the world Full b2b Ecommerce store selling multiple price break Fair Trade goods for both retail and wholesale Ecommerce site selling a range of Jewelled Bra Straps Brochure site for a Virtual Personal Assistant offering a wide range of services Dynamic image hosting site offering image hosting for blogs and auction sites